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Mouldings Catalog

  • Construction mouldings: Casings, jambs, trim, crown mouldings, etc;
  • Fabrication of furniture components, shutters, flooring, framing etc;
  • North American woods and exotic hardwood species:
  • Wood fiber mouldings (MDF);
  • Mouldings of all varieties according to your specifications.
  • Components necessary for building staircases and doors.


  • Design: New designs and reproductions of existing profiles from plans or samples;
  • In house finishing: moulding finishing, custom mouldings, priming, sealing, lacquer, foil or paper;
  • Milling: Minimizing waste by utilization of proper block sizing;
  • Precision tooling to minimal tolerances.

Our dedicated staff will help you complete all of your moulding project needs in the most economical way, with the most efficient use of materials. Regardless of the volume of your order, your satisfaction is our goal.

Nova Mouldings is forever innovating in order to help you stay ahead of your competition. Our experienced staff adds value to your projects by suggesting alternative approaches to ensure an excellent result.

Helping our customers achieve the most economical and an efficient result is a point of pride at Nova Mouldings.

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Our state of the art equipment and dedicated team enable us to produce a wide range of high quality wood products.